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Learn more about me owner of Head 2 Toes makeover

Hi I’m kokoa owner of head 2 toes Makeover. Head 2 Toes is a small beauty service I made to help females in the inner city look good. I went to hair school in 1993 that time I was 200 pounds getting my hair license. Later on I decided to loose the weight and fix myself up.I did just that and I’m here to help ladies in Connecticut that it doesn’t take alot of money to look good. Showing them hair and beauty tips, workouts to help loose weight also how to be a budget shopper and still get designer items. I was born in new haven CT in the 1970s to two immigrant parents. My mother Jamaican/ Panamanian and dad Jamaican, since my mother was living in Jamaica family members say my mom was a diva dresser up till this day and she is in her 80s. I guess that where my sister and I got the love for fashion. Being a female is rough I want to teach ladies in Connecticut to leave the hair scarfs and pajamas for bed! Catch my 2nd Head 2 Toes Makeover on you tube and my new Head 2 Toes Makeover blog coming soon in Feb.


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